10-12 Han Dynasty

10-12 Han Dynasty - -No one refers to the emperors by their...

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Han Dynasty - Justification for Liu Bang’s rule (used to stem rebellion) Used body and face markings as justification of his rule and him taking over the empire from the Qin Used favorable omens He was alert and intelligent Humane and merciful He knew how to use people Ancestry traces back to Yao - Dong Zhongshu He thought that human nature was granted to us by heaven But was to be refined and competed by human effort and education promoted by the ruler Human nature was potentially good Compromise Xunzi – Mencius Heaven sends us omens like natural disasters and signals Heaven is merciful – tries to warn us when we’re not on the right track Calamities and misfortunes – to punish us for our neglect Ruler has the responsibility - The Way of Heaven - Yang - Yin - Trigrams Fire Water Heaven Earth - Hexagrams (inspiration behind the inventions of significant objects) More variety of representations - Rain titles – titles for their rain periods
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Unformatted text preview: -No one refers to the emperors by their real name – it is always by their rain titles-Counted off years from rulers rule-E.g. 2006 – 95 th year of the republic of China-S. Korea – Dan Gun system-Japanese use rain titles because they still have an emperor-Measured time with a lunar calendar – China Marks the months according to the waxing and waning of the moon – 29 days month and 30 day month Lunar year 12 months Month begins with new moon and ends with a full moon 350 days in a year-Five Phases Natural phenomena Wood fire earth metal water wood Overcoming Fire is overcome by water Water is overcome by earth Earth is overcome by wood Wood is overcome by metal Metal is overcome by fire Fire water earth wood metal fire Qin = water - illegitimate Zhou = wood – true fire wood for the Han dynasty Han =...
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10-12 Han Dynasty - -No one refers to the emperors by their...

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