Thucydides study guide - The Pelloponesian Wars

Thucydides study guide - The Pelloponesian Wars -...

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Thucydides Chapter One: Early History and Method (“Archealogoy”) HISTORY : Details the early history of Greece Explains his historical method Importance of economics/wealth (Agamemnon’s ability to create a superior fleet and Corinth’s superiority of Corcyra in the first naval battle) and sea-power in winning the war THIS WAR IS GREATER THAN ALL WARS THAT PRECEEDED IT. - Third person - Began writing at the very beginning of the Peloponnesian War - Thought the Peloponnesian War to be greatest that happened so far. And that no display of power could compare with this war: 1. Greece united after Trojan war 2. Minos first to build a navy 3. Piracy prevailed early life (Athenians were first to settle down) 4. Lineage of Peloponnesians: Pelops from Asia gave his name to the land. His descendant, Atreus, became king. His son was Agamemnon. Heraclids come back later and re-take land. 5. Corinth and Corcyra: first naval battle 6. Details all the important navies of the early history - Historical Method: 1. Inaccuratacies: 1. Hipparchus and Hippias (who was killed by Harmodius and Aristogeiton) as an example 2. Spartans (or Lacedaemonians) Kings have two votes each (criticism of Herodotus) 2. He has investigated the matters thoroughly by talking to people who were there 3. NO MYTHOLOGY 4. Lasting possession to history. BOOK TWO: Origins of the War - Persian battle was greatest one before this - Thucydides believes the war was caused by Lacedaemonia’s fear of Athen’s growing power. - States reasons: Breaking of 30 Year’s Peace for the following reasons: 1. Athens’ siege of Potidea : Corinithian colony that had been apart of the Athenian empire but had rebelled against Athens
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(with Corinthian help) and had been put under siege by Athens. 2. Athens’ decision to help defend the island of Corcyra against Corinth: (Epidamnus divided by civil war. Corinth supported the democrats, Corcyra supported oligarchs. Athens supported Corcyra so that Peloponnesian league wouldn’t get Corcyra’s fleet) 3. Athens decree restricting trade with Megara : Athens prohibited trade between Megara and Athens or any of the Athenian allies - DEBATE AT SPARTA: Should they declare war on Sparta? (4 speechs: Corinthian, Athenian, Archidamus, and Ephor) SHOW SUPERIORITY OF ATHENS. o In favor of war: Corinth , Aegina (Athens had violated the island’s autonomy), and Megara 1. Corinthian finish the speeches: want war Lacedaemonians are self-controlled, makes them slow, they have not come to their aid (particularly Potidea) Long speech on Athenian advantages (innovation, etc.) 2. Athenians : (Does not refute Corinthian claims, instead) Talks of the superiority of Athens and justify their empire. Claim that they allowed for the defeat of Persia
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Thucydides study guide - The Pelloponesian Wars -...

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