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We are also answering a generic how queson for many

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Unformatted text preview: yes or no. [email protected] reflect the client/user’s language and ways in which they will evaluate possible design [email protected] [email protected] Trees A hierarchical [email protected] of [email protected] (criteria for comparison of [email protected]) with constraints and metrics. Hierarchy “as we work down the tree, or move further in on the levels of [email protected], we are doing more than just gebng into more detail. We are also answering a generic how [email protected] for many aspects of the design” “as we move up the tree, or further out toward fewer [email protected], we are answering a generic why [email protected] about a specific (needed) [email protected]” AYributes… Weight Conspicuousness Discomfort Cost Appearance Ease- of- use Ability to wear clothing Pressure [email protected] for [email protected] Time to get on Convenience Time to remove [email protected] of load Number of [email protected]@es allowed METRICS...
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