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Final Paper - Hazards of smoking have been of a greater...

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Hazards of smoking have been of a greater concern in the late 20 th century. The increased awareness of the dangers of smoking has changed from a personal to a public issue. This leads to the question of whether second hand smoking should be banned. Second hand smoking is harmful not only to the smoker but to those around him. This sparked a debate in Maryland about the issue of a smoke ban in public spaces and whether banning the freedom of smoking for personal pleasure is ethical. In order for us to safely make a decision on the smoke ban controversy, we must first look in to the historical development of smoking policies. Then, we must look into both economical and ethical issues about creating such ban. Through this, we can safely judge that a smoke ban is ethical and economically beneficial. Smoking causes many illnesses that are difficult to reverse even with today’s medical technology. The most deadly disease that smoking can cause is probably lung cancer. Lung cancer is only one of many harmful diseases smoking causes. A few of the examples include the heart disease, chronic coughs, and irritated nostrils. If the effects of smoking only caused harm to the smoker, maybe smoking wouldn’t get as much publicity. In recent years with the discovery of the effects of second hand smoking, the negative side effects of smoking have been even more publicized. By being exposed to second hand smoking, you are at increased risk of developing the various diseases brought upon by smoking, even if you are not a smoker yourself. In addition to all the negative health consequences listed above, it also affects the future generation by causing pregnant women to give birth to babies with low birth weight. All the cons of smoking raise the question, “Should smoking be banned?” The answer is no. Simply put, the tobacco industry is one of the most profitable businesses in the United States. Every year tobacco companies make huge sums of money from sales of cigarettes, cigar, and many other products. This creates such a strong backbone for the economy that there is no 1
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way that the government will ban smoking altogether. If put in practice, smoke bans will probably cause another chaos similar to the time when the government banned alcohol. But what about smoke ban in certain public places? Specifically, what about a smoke ban in restaurants and bars, where many people gather together to socialize and enjoy others’ company? The topic of the smoke ban in restaurants and bars has been long debated in Maryland. The current governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, has also served as the mayor of Baltimore City. During his term as mayor, he was asked to pass a smoke ban in restaurants and bars in Baltimore City. He refused, stating that a state wide ban will be preferable to a combination of local bans (Wagner and Rein B01). Now as governor, he is in full support of the ban. There is nothing positive about smoking, yet people continue to practice the dangerous ritual. A smoke
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Final Paper - Hazards of smoking have been of a greater...

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