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I. Definition Culture- the sum total of learned patterned ways of doing, feeling and thinking, past and present of a social group within a given period of time. -These ways are transmitted from one generation to another. II Characteristics of culture. A. Universality- involves all human population B. Uniqueness- All cultures are unique, while there may be similarities, no two cultures are exactly alike. C Stability- Culture is lasting and enduring D. Changeability- superficial aspects change more readily than deeply held beliefs and values. E. Unconsciousness- Culture directs behavior, but its influence is largely unnoticed. F. Variability- Adherence to cultural beliefs and values and behaviors that vary with different people in the culture. III. Relationship between culture and communication– the greater the difference in the
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Unformatted text preview: background of the patient in HP the greater the potential for miss communication and understanding. IV. Factors affecting intercultural communication A. Perception- process by which an individual organized stimuli for the external world. B. Verbal Processes-C. Non- verbal- 1. Touch 2. Eye Contact 3. Concept of time 4. Use of Space D. Personal Bias- mental leaning or inclination towards another person. 1. Ethnocentrisms- belief that ones own culture is better than another. 2. Cultural Blindness- failure to recognize culture 3. Cultural imposition- belief that everyone should conform to the dominate 4. Stereotyping- The process of attributing characteristics or behavior, generalized opinion attitudes, and beliefs upon a group of people as if all persons in the identified group possessed them. Projects-...
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