Notes 3 - 1951-55 Frank Lloyd Wright Adler &...

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Maison Dom-Ino (1914-16) Monastery of Galluzzo (Tuscany) - Immuebles Villas Garden City of Ressac A machine to live in? From the Golden Rule to the Modulor Purism - Based on nature, mimicking or rationalizing what nature is all about through mathematics and geometry - Association with culture Five Points (1926) - Pilotis - Roof Garden - Free Plan - Free Façade - Ribbon Window Villa Savoye was emblematic of Le Corbusier’s work in that it addressed “The Five Points”, his basic tenets of a new aesthetic of architecture constructed in reinforced concrete: Notre Dame-du-Haut. Ronchamp, France.
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Unformatted text preview: 1951-55 Frank Lloyd Wright Adler & Sullivan Auditorium Building (Chicago, 1886-90) Henry Richardson Marshall Field Wholesale Store Chicago. 1885-87 Wainwright Building St. Louis 1890 Guaranty Building Buffalo 1894 Carson-Pirie-Scott Dept. Store Chicago. 1899-1904 Frank Lloyd Wright Froebel Gifts Robie House, Chicago (1909) Four Elements of Architecture and the Usonian House----Jacobs House. Madison (1935-36) Winckler-Goetsh, Okemos (1939) Sturges House, Brentwood Heights. LA (1939) Kaufmann House, Bear Run (1934) The Case Study Houses Where else but in L.A.?...
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Notes 3 - 1951-55 Frank Lloyd Wright Adler &...

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