Louisiananojuryunlesspossible sentenceover6months

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Unformatted text preview: nishable by a fine or a year or less of incarceration. Louisiana, no jury unless possible sentence over 6 months Louisiana juries, 12/12 capital punishment, 10/12 hard labor Chapter 6 Chapter List and definition of various crimes Criminal Law Criminal HITE-COLLAR CRIME he U.S. Justice Department defines white-collar he crime as any nonviolent crime that involves deceit, corruption, or a breach of trust — includes acts committed by individuals, such as embezzlement and forgery, as well as crimes committed on behalf of a corporation, such as commercial bribery, false advertising, antitrust Criminal Law Criminal omputer Crime special type of white-collar crime that involves the use of a computer to steal money or services, to remove personal or business information, or to tamper with such information — five general categories: (1) theft of computer hardware, software, or secrets; (2) unauthorized use of computer services; (3) theft of money by Criminal Law Criminal acketeer Influenced and Corrupt acketeer Organizations Act (RICO) Organizations I CO was enacted in 1970 with the stated purpose ICO...
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