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The key distinction between larceny and embezzlement

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Unformatted text preview: act that seriously interferes with the owner’s rights in the property. The key distinction between larceny and embezzlement is that with embezzlement, the thief is in lawful possession obbery obbery arceny with the added elements that (1) the arceny property is taken directly from the victim or in the victim's presence and (2) is accomplished through force or threat of force. Robbery may be aggravated by (1) use of a deadly weapon, (2) intent to kill, (3) serious bodily injury, or (4) commission of the crime by two or more persons commission urglary urglary ost statutes define as (1) entry (2) into a building ost (3) with intent to commit a felony in the building. building. xtortion and Bribery xtortion xtortion, also called blackmail, is defined in most xtortion, cases as the making of threats for the purpose of obtaining money or property. ribery, in contrast, is the offering of money or property to a public official in order to influence that official’s decision. Criminal Law Criminal orgery nt...
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