Mens ctus reus refers to all elements of a crime that

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Unformatted text preview: rea). mens ). ctus reus refers to all elements of a crime that are not mental, including the ctus physical act that must be performed, the circumstances under which it must be performed, and the consequences of the act. ens rea, or mental fault, refers to all mental elements of a crime, either ens or subjective or objective. Most common law and some statutory crimes require subjective fault. Some crimes only require objective fault, whereas other statutory crimes require no fault at all. statutory Criminal Law Criminal ypes of subjective fault: purposeful, knowing, and reckless. ypes A person acts purposely, or intentionally, if his conscious goal is to engage in a prohibited conduct or to cause a prohibited result. Murder engage A person acts knowingly if he is aware that his conduct is prohibited, person and he realizes that a prohibited result is almost certain to occur. 2nd degree and murder murder A person acts recklessly if he consciously disregards a substantial and person unjustifiable risk that his conduct is prohibited or that it will cause the prohibited res...
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