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These occur when the cme is directed right at the

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Unformatted text preview: l mass) •  During peak solar activity, 2-3 CMEs occur every day on average. •  A special type of CME is a called a ‘halo event’. These occur when the CME is directed right at the Earth…. Solar flares and the Magne>c Field Flares occur in regions of rapid magnetic field re-alignment. 1.  Coronal loop 2.  Field begins to inflate 3.  Field twists as sunspots move at different speeds due to differen>al rota>on 4.  Field begins to pinch inwards (field lines of opposite sign a?ract) 5.  Magne>c field breaks due to shear forces 6.  Plasma blob is accelerated upward and addi>onal...
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