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Unformatted text preview:Mobile Security by Marcela Trevino University of Phoenix Due: 11/16/2020 ons of Security Curtis Bunch Mobile Device Threats: Include mobile forms of spyware and malware, unauthorized access, accidental loss, or theft. (EC- Council, 2016). Eavesdropping Unauthorized real-time interception of private communication. (EC- Council, 2016). Mobile Malware Malicious software that steals confidential data, or collects user data. (EC- Council, 2016). Usually, a targeted attack seeks to beach the security measure of a specific individual or organization. (Steinberg, 2020) What happens when the mobile is not secured? Anything that is stored on your cellphone can be stolen. Now on days with technology been as advanced, we don't even need to carry our credit cards to be able to pay. That information can be stolen. Identity theft can occur, passwords can be stolen, any information that is stored can be s Ideal Security Settings * Keep Mobile Operating Systems up to date * Keep Applications up to date * Mobile Phone Antivirus * Securing Bluetooth Connectivity * Securing Wi-fo Connectivity * Encrypt Cellphone * Setting a Pin/Passcode/fingerprint/face recognition protection * Limited Ad tracking * Data Backup .- Turn ON Attention for FACE ID. Updating Face ID additional security) 6. - Attention "Aware Features" Mobile iOS 7.- Turn Passcode ON 1.- Settings 1.- Make sure its plug into a 2.- Face ID & Passcode power source 2.- Settings --> General Settings General Siri & Search B.- FACE SET UP follow the prompts About Software Update Exposure Notifications 9- Set up Alternative appearance. (Glasses?) 3.- Software update 3.- Use your passcode Software Update Apple Inc. 102 GB introduces eight now wallpapers, and brin your phone ancements and Apple software updates, please vine mis How to Set Up Face ID me. Then move your head in a circle Face ID is now https:/ Learn More Download and Install 4.- Choose "USE Get Started utomatic Updates FACE ID for" category 10- Consider "Erase data" After 10 failed passcode attempts for data protection Erase Data Erase al data on pork Pho Tunes & App 380 At data on this phone we be eraand after 10 failed Enable Cancel References EC- Council. (2016). Certified Secure Computer User Official Curriculum. EC- Council. Retrieved Oct Nov 2020, from cover Steinberg, J. (2020). Cybersecurity for Dummies. Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, INC. Retrieved November 16, 2020 powered by PIKTOCHART