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Major empires rome china premodern empires developed

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Unformatted text preview: aces against private encroachments, and protect the safety of public spaces • Streets and public spaces are therefore a manifestation of state authority but in different places at different times, different rules have been applied to the use of public space. Compared to most times in history, and most places in the world today, in Canada we enjoy an extraordinary freedom and safety in public spaces. Infrastructure • Major infrastructure investments can also provide long- lasting structure to urban growth • Apart from walls, these can include water- supply systems, canals, railways, arenas, highways, churches, markets • provision and maintenance of such infrastructure is a major reason for municipal governments Choices of particular infrastructure types and patterns over others is a fundamental decision that has huge long- term consequences. 5. Changing relationships of City/Nature • Our understanding of the relationship between city and nature is important because it has had a profound influence on policies, patterns of urbanization, and housing choices • Early cities were oriented to the control and management of surrounding agricultural areas • Cities were the location of: – granaries to store and protect food surplus and seeds – elites and the power structure that could organize irrigation infrastructure – religious facilities to pray for fertility, etc. Major empires – Rome, China •Premodern empires developed a rather different relationship to nature because of the huge size of their capital cities, Rome, Beijing, Edo (Tokyo) •Rather than an immediate hinterland, a whole empire was mobilized in sophisticated trade networks to supply imperial capitals of over 1 million •This required the development of markets and financial systems, as well as taxation Medieval Europe • Fragmentation of empire, feu...
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