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Unformatted text preview: Midterm Physics 3A Formulae: x = x0 + v0t +at2 v = v0 + at 2a(x x0) = vf2 v02 R = vi2sin2i/g h = vi2sin2i/2g a = v2/r F = ma Ff = N g = 9.80m/s2 1mi = 1.609 x 103m February 12, 2007 Multiple Choice (10 points each). Circle letter of correct answer. 1. A car accelerates from rest to 120mi/hr in 6.0s. What is the average rate of acceleration in m/s2? (a) 4.9m/s2 (b) 8.9m/s2 (c) 9.8m/s2 (d) 534m/s2 (e) 0.5m/s2 2. A projectile is shot up from the Earth's surface at 50 at 20.0m/s. To what altitude does this projectile rise? (a) 12.0m (b) 20.1m (c) 24.0m (d) 40.2m (e) 48.0m 3. A car accelerates from rest W at 5.0m/s2 for 10.0s, then continues this acceleration NE for another 10.0s. What is the average velocity of the car for its journey to its position after 20.0s? (a) 15m/s (b) 30m/s (c) 60m/s (d) 90m/s (e) 120m/s 4. A person stands on the inside of a 100m diameter circular rim in outer space. The rim is rotating to simulate the force of Earth's gravity on the person. At how many revolutions per minute must it rotate to simulate the effect of that of gravity at the Earth's surface? (a) .98 rpm (b) 9.8 rpm (c) 0.30 rpm (d) 3.0 rpm (e) 0.10 rpm 5. A person who can swim at 2.0 mi/hr is swimming perpendicularly to the bank of a river (directly across the direction of river flow) which is flowing at 2.0 mi/hr. If the river is 1.0 mi wide, how long does it take to reach the other side? (a) 0.50 hr (b) 0.71 hr (c) 1.0 hr (d) 1.4 hr (e) 1.5 hr Free Response (25 pts each) 6. A ride at an amusement park rotates a 20.0m diameter vertical cylinder at sufficient speed so that a person against the inner wall of the cylinder does not slide down the wall when the floor is lowered. If the coefficient of static friction between a 50.0kg person and the wall is 0.500, what is the minimum rpm necessary so that the person will not slide down the wall? 7. A basketball leaves a player's hand at a height of 2.20m above the floor. The basket is 2.60m above the floor. The player likes to shoot the ball at an angle of 53.0. If the shot is made from a distance of 12.0m: (1) What should the initial velocity of the ball be? (2) How long is the ball in the air? (3) A rule in basketball is that when you block a shot, you have to block it while the ball is going upward. If it's blocked when the ball is going downward, it's ruled as "goaltending." An opposition team's center can reach a height of 3.00m when he jumped with his arm stretched out. Can he block this shot at the top of its trajectory? ...
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