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Unformatted text preview: Pivot Charts Pivot charts operate in a similar manner to pivot tables, but the data is displayed in chart form. To insert a pivot chart, go to the 'Insert' ribbon then click on the down arrow below 'Pivot Table'. Construct the following pivot charts for the California NOx dataset. Display your results on this sheet, below the questions. Note: You can format a pivot chart in the same manner you would a normal chart. 1) A stacked column chart displaying total NOx emissions for each facility SIC number, for the years 2000 to 2005. Each SIC code should be represented by a different color of the stacked column. Legend Fields: Facility SIC Code Axis Fields: Year Value Fields: Sum of NOx (tons) What 3 SIC codes appear to contribute most on NOx pollution? 2) A line chart of each Air Basin's total NOx emissions from 2000 to 2005. Have the years denoted on the horizontal axis. Using the pivot table filters, display only the top 5 Air Basins in terms on total NOx. Based on the graph, which of the top 5 Air Basins saw the biggest decline in total Nox emissions from 2000 to 2005? Example 3 - Other Summary and Display Options 1) Using the California Nox data, create a pivot table that reports the average NOx emissions of the facilities in each Air Basin (each cell of the pivot table will be the average NOx emissions of all the facilities in that air basin across all years). Which Air Basin has the most emissions intensive facilities (highest average emissions)? 2) Using the California Nox data, create a pivot table that for the year 2000, reports the percentage of each Air Basin's total NOx that comes from facilities with each SIC code. Other Stuff 1) What does double clicking on an entry within a pivot table do? 2) How do you remove the grand totals rows/columns from a pivot table?...
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