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psychology test 2 - CHAPTER 7 Primacy Deprivation: 2...

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CHAPTER 7 CHAPTER 7 Primacy 2 factors that alter early experiences Transactional model Continuity Sroufe Waters Lewis Out-of-home-care Belsky NICHHD Dennis Chissolm Tizzard Koluchova Curtiss Resilent Child/Family/Community/Culture’s impact Chronic maternal depression Werner and Smith Rutter Harlow’s Monkies Furman Brazelton and Greenspan CHAPTER 8 CHAPTER 8 Mysteries of language development Four substages of language Conversational conventions--maxim of quantity, quality, relevance, clarity Nativists vs. Interactionist explanation Noam Chomsky LAD Gopnik and Meltzoff Bruner Unitary language hypothesis Differentiated language hypothesis Petitto Bates and Roe Broca’s area (brain damage) Down/Williams syndrome Goldin-Meadows Video on deaf children Nicaraguan children creating language Fast mapping Deprivation: - Early Deprivation (Dennis, Chissolm, Tizard) - Isolation (Czech twins, Genie) - Recovery (RUTTER, Harlow, Furman) REVIEW: - Belsky and NICHHD ***not very important though) - Resilient and characteristics
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psychology test 2 - CHAPTER 7 Primacy Deprivation: 2...

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