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Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy - In order to create a robo-device that...

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In order to create a robo-device that the military can use for anti-terrorism “search and destroy” missions, we propose that the robot encompass similar neurobiological features as found in animal nervous systems. Understanding “what is out there”, where the enemy is, and what defines an “enemy” will be the first important aspect to combating terrorism. It is known from Intelligence reports that the enemy looks similar to a pencil, moves toward the heavens at 3 m/s just prior to attack, releases a cherry-scent when arming weapons systems, and communicates with a carrier frequency of 10 Hz. FEATURE ANALYSIS Using a system similar to the toads feature analyzers, the robo-device can ensure that its target moves along its long axis in the vertical direction and responds maximally to stimulus that moves at 3 m/s. There are no other known civilians in the area to move in this fashion, communicate at this frequency, orexcrete cherry scent.
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