Homeostasis can be described as

Homeostasis can be described as - Homeostasis can be...

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Homeostasis can be described as: - An optimal, dynamic steady state of the internal environment. The permeability constant (P) for diffusion across a membrane is determined by: - diffusion coefficient - solvent viscosity - temperature - partition coefficient -Higher Temp, Higher Fluidity -Less F. A. saturation, higher fluidity -Higher cholesterol, less fluidity Carrier mediated transport: - Can saturate at high concentrations. Aquaporins facilitate water across membrane. Gap junctions allow the following across membrane: - inorganic ions - nucleotides - amino acids - sugars In a vertebrate nerve cell at rest: - The membrane will depolarize if Pna increases. Action potentials: - are transmitted nondecrementally - Conduct more rapidly with greater axon diameter. - Max velocity in mammals is 100 – 120 meters/sec - Will conduct in both directions if stimulated in middle Equilibrium potential for an ion across a semi permeable membrane is: - partially determined by the ions electrical gradient. Electrical synapses: - contain many gap junctions. Excitatory synapses: - may initiate action potential in postsynaptic cell. Oligodendrocytes: - Produce myelin around axon
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Range Fraction - uses receptors with different thresholds to extend the dynamic range for a sensory organ. Temporal Summation: - synapse fires repeatedly causing an AP to be generated. In Spatial Summation:
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Homeostasis can be described as - Homeostasis can be...

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