HW-02-07-07s - IE 131 Homework Problems due Feb 07, 2007...

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IE 131 Homework Problems due Feb 07, 2007 4.3 A manual assembly line is being planned for an assembled product whose work content time = 47.2 min. The line will be operated 2000 hr/yr. The annual demand anticipated for the product is 100,000 units. Based on previous assembly lines used by the company, the proportion of uptime on the line is expected to be 94%, the line balancing efficiency will be 92%, and the repositioning time lost each cycle will be 6 sec. The line will be designed with 1 worker/station. Determine (a) the required hourly production rate of the line, (b) the cycle time, (c) the ideal minimum number of workers required, and (d) the actual number of workers required based on the efficiencies given. Solution : (a) R p = 100,000/2,000 = 50 units/hr (b) T c = 60(0.94)/50 = 1.128 min (c) w * = Min Int 47.2/1.128 = 41.84 rounded up to 42 workers (d) T s = 1.128 – 0.10 = 1.028 min w = Min Int 47.2/1.028(0.92) = 49.9 rounded up to 50 workers 4.7 The work content for a product assembled on a manual production line is 48 min. The work is transported using a continuous overhead conveyor that operates at a speed of 5 ft/min. There are 24 workstations on the line, one-third of which have two workers; the remaining stations each have one worker. Repositioning time per worker is 9 sec, and uptime efficiency of the line is 95%. (a) What is the maximum possible hourly production rate if the line is assumed to be perfectly
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HW-02-07-07s - IE 131 Homework Problems due Feb 07, 2007...

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