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Now suppose instead that the language supported

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Unformatted text preview: including the objects themselves, their dispatch tables and the code for all their methods. Now, suppose instead that the language supported multiple inheritance and there was a class D defined as follows. casDetnsB C{ ls xed , itd n ; itf){cd 8} n ( oe } Assuming the language implementation is based on sparse dispatch tables, draw what objects of all four classes might look like, and give a table showing the indices of each method. 4. Suppose Xi were extended with higher-order lexically-scoped functions. Then we could write the following code: fnit g:)it g:)it ={ (:n, 1(→n, 2(→n) x it=n+1; :n 2 g) it={rtr x } (: n eun ; i(=1 fn=) rtr g)+g( +g(;/ X eun ( 1) 2) / es le rtr fn1 g g) eun (-, , 1; } Not...
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