CS 4120 PS5

Html 14 2713 cs 4120 ps5 i0 wie 1 hl i 0 ii1 2

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Unformatted text preview: t from the following example: www.c s.c or ne ll.e du/c our se s/CS4120/2011f a /hw/ps5/ps5.html 1/4 2/7/13 CS 4120 PS5 i=0 wie( <1){ hl i 0 i=i+1 } 2. Defending against zombies with dataflow analysis Let us define "undead" code as code which depends on a variable that is always uninitialized. When such undead code is removed, additional program regions may become undead due to the disappearance of variable declarations. The goal of this exercise is to remove all undead code from a function using only a sin...
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