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5 generated by replication slippage 05 ca containing

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Unformatted text preview: opyrighted by the uploader and/or course instructor. Downloader id is shown and also encrypted throughout the document. Unauthorized reproduction/distribution is strictly prohibited. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. Dow nlo ade r ID: 425 1 : ID Te 51 st Te Minisatellite DNA (1 mark) -clusters up to 20 kb in length with repeat units up to 25 bp (0.5) -ex. Telomere (0.5) 8 ID ad lo wn de 568 Do nl oa ID: ID er ID: 4251 ut or Test Downloader on to .s tu Satellite DNA (1 mark): -non-coding sequences arranged in tandem arrays (0.5) -repeated millions of times in the genome (0.5) -constitute a substantial portion of the genome (0.5 -10’s to 100’s of bp in size (0.5) -more commonly contain AT rich sequences (0.5) -located in heterochromatin (0.5) st de Test ID: 568 425 r ID: ade nlo Dow Test ID: 568 CSB349H1S Term Test 1 Answer Key 5 (c) An aquarium contains a mixture of the following different genetic strains of fish: Homozygous Strain A, Homozygous Strain B and Heterozygous Strain A/B. Str...
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