5 marks uses atp to unwind dna duplex and expose

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Unformatted text preview: r - Down on - .s tu 3. Name two distinct enzymatic functions associated with the general transcription factor complex TFIIH (0.5 each). For each, briefly state its role in regulating transcription (0.5 each). Do w nl oa de ut or 51 251 ad ID: 568 lo Test Test ID: 568 4251 Downloader ID: wn Tes Do ID: m Test co 8 Downloader ID: 4251 56 lo Chromatin IP using RNA Pol II antibodies to detect occupancy of RNA Pol II (1 mark) Design ChIP primers for target region somewhere in the downstream coding region because RNA Pol II showed be in productive elongation (1 mark) - ChIP protocol: Fix cells; shearing DNA; IP with specific antibody & purify IP’s DNA; PCR with specific primers or perform microarray experiment to identify the target (0.25 each up to 1 mark) - Possible control experiments: PCR primers for promoter (expect to see RNAPII occupying promoter region even if it doesn’t escape); ChIP for a standard protein-DNA interaction you expect to see all the time; ChIP using non-specific IgG antibody (expect no PCR band); PCR with input sheared DNA (expect to see band with target primers) (1 mark) NOTE: Any marks you received for question 2C are included in your total final mark, but the exam is out of 36 marks due to the removal of question 2C from the test total. - ID : wn 4. Briefly describe the 4 main steps that are important for transposition of non-replicative DNA transposons in the genome (4 marks). - Transposase gene encoded by the transposon is transcribed/translat...
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