7 turns of core proteins 1 mark downloade r id 4251 c

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Unformatted text preview: n Phosphorylation Ubiquitylation Tes t ID: ID: 568 co Test m 568 1 425 r ID: ade nlo Dow Test ID: 568 y. 51 st ID : 56 8 - 4251 nlo Dow ID : dd 42 (d) List 2 key features of Class II nucleosome remodeling complexes, which distinguish them from Class I remodeling complexes (2 marks). ade ID : 56 8 st Tes t ID: 568 de Do nt bu ad e ATP hydrolysis (1 mark) Nucleosome displacement (1 mark) lo - wn 1 425 r r ID: Te - 8 56 51 42 r de nl oa st ID : Download 56 8 568 Oxdia @ http://www.oxdia.com This test is copyrighted by the uploader and/or course instructor. Downloader id is shown and also encrypted throughout the document. ID : 42 51 568 ID: : st Te Te Tes r : ID st Te Do w - ID: 4251 Promoter histones containing H2A.Z are acetylated (0.5 marks) These modified histones further recruit class II remodeling complexes (e.g. SWI/SNF) (0.5 marks) Results in the removal of the H2A.Z histones from the DNA – called “histone eviction”(0.5 marks) Binding of mediator (0.5 marks) Further binding of class II remodeling complexes and histone eviction (0.5 mar...
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