Briefly describe how you could determine whether a

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Unformatted text preview: rks only) m : 42 co - 51 ID wn ad lo er Do y. 568 Test ID: r ID : 425 1 8 56 : ID st Te dd Dow nlo ade r ID: 51 st ID : 56 - 42 8 Test lo ad e bu 8. Answer the following 3 questions related to repetitive DNA: Do nt wn (a) Provide example of a tandemly repeated DNA element (1 mark) and list two criteria that define this element (0.5 marks each). 8 56 : : 42 51 56 42 : ID r 1 425 r ID: ade er ID: 4251 Download Do w nlo Dow Microsatellite DNA (1 mark) -clusters <150 bp in length w. repeat units of 2-6 bp (0.5) -highly variable (0.5) -located in euchromatin (0.5) -generated by replication slippage (0.5) -CA containing repeats are most common in the human genome (0.5) (b) Tandemly Repetitive DNA elements can be used as genetic markers to distinguish different genetic strains from one another, why? (0.5 mark) Do lo wn Repetitive elements can be polymorphic and therefore vary in size from one genetic strain to another. er ad 568 Test ID: : ID 51 42 Oxdia @ This test is c...
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