Te st id 56 8 tes c what experiment would you perform

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Unformatted text preview: chose this experiment and describe the basic steps of the experimental protocol. State one possible control that you would include in your experiment (4 marks). 56 8 ID : 3 Te st CSB349H1S Term Test 1 Answer Key 5. Answer the following 4 questions related to chromatin: r ID: 425 1 (a) What is the fundamental unit of chromatin (0.5 mark)? Downlo Dow nlo ader ID: 4251 ade Test ID: 568 - Nucleosome (0.5 marks) 51 Te st ID : ID : 42 er 56 ad lo wn Do 8 Do wn lo ad er ID : 42 51 (b) Describe its core protein (2 marks) and DNA (1 mark) components. - octamer protein complex composed of 2 copies of H2A, H2B, H3, H4 histones (0.25 marks for each protein and 1 mark for stating that there are 2 copies of each) 147 nucleotides of genomic DNA wrapped around ~1.7 turns of core proteins (1 mark) Downloade r ID: 4251 (c) List three 3 common covalent protein modifications found on members of the core proteins (0.5 marks each). Down load er ID: Acetylation (0.5 marks for each of 3 chosen from the list) Methylatio...
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