Functions in controlling gene expression in zebrafish

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Unformatted text preview: in zebrafish embryos in vivo? (Be sure to describe the basic steps in the experiment and the predicted results) (3 marks) load er ID: 4251 r ID : dd 42 Down y. 51 Downloader ID: 4251 Test ID: 568 Tes t ID: 568 lo ad e bu Engineer separate enhancer-reporter constructs using upstream regulatory regions from gene VT-A (0.5 marks) and gene VT-B (0.5 marks) as well as a reporter (e.g. EGFP) (0.5 marks) Generate trangenic zebrafish embryos for each construct (0.5 mark) Show that each enhancer can direct the expression of reporter to either brain (VT-A) or heart (VT-B) (0.5 marks each) 4251 ader ID: 568 Test ID: : tu de Downlo 8 nt - 56 - wn ID 51 st 42 : ID Te st ID : 56 8 Engineer enhancer-reporter construct (0.5 marks) using human VT gene (0.5 marks) upstream regulatory region and reporter (0.5 marks) Generate zebrafish transgenics (0.5 marks) Expect to see reporter expression in brain AND heart (1 mark) r nlo r ID: ade de nl oa 1 425 Do w Dow - Te on to .s (c) Using zebrafish transgenic technology, describe how you would prove that the expression...
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