S c using zebrafish transgenic technology describe

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Unformatted text preview: pattern of the human VT gene is likely to be most similar to the ancestral vertebrate expression pattern before DDC has taken place in the fish lineage. (Be sure to describe the basic steps in the experiment and the predicted results) (3 marks) ut or ID : 56 8 Te Do st CSB349H1S Term Test 1 Answer Key 8 : 56 ID st Te 2. Promoter clearance is defined by the disassembly of most of the components of the pre-initiation complex and the synthesis of a short stretch of ~30 nucleotides of new mRNA by RNA Pol II, after which transcription is stalled. (a) What are the 2 main factors that cause RNA Pol II stalling during this phase of transcription? (0.5 marks each) Te st ID : 56 8 - NELF (0.5 marks) - Spt4/Spt5 complex or DSIF (0.5 marks) Oxdia @ http://www.oxdia.com - only NTEF (0.25 marks) This test is copyrighted by the uploader and/or course instructor. - capping (0 marks) Downloader id is shown and also encrypted throughout the document. Unauthorized reproduction/distribution is strictly prohibited. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your d...
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