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Aeschylus'Oresteia: Structure I:Agamemnon 1-39: Prologue: Watchman sees beacon fire 40-263: Parodos 1.1-82: chorus explains Trojan war and themselves 2.83-103: chorus questions Clytemnestra 3.104-257 chorus tells of sacrifice of Iphigeneia and sings a hymn to Zeus 4.258-263: chorus questions Clytemnestra 264-350: 1st Episode: Clytemnestra tells chorus of beacon fires 361-502: 1st Stasimon: chorus rejoices about victory and sings of the retribution against Paris, but also reveals discontent in Argos 503-680: 2nd Episode: Herald reports victory, suffering of troops, and disappearance of Menelaus 681-782: 2nd Stasimon: chorus sings of Helen's destructiveness, hubris, and justice 783-974: 3rd Episode: Agamemnon enters triumphantly and is led into house by Clytemnestra 975-1034: 3rd Stasimon: chorus expresses foreboding 1035-1330: 4th Episode: Cassandra reveals her own past, the past of the house of Atreus, and the murders to come, then enters the palace 1331-1371: 4th Stasimon: chorus responds to death of Agamemnon
1372-end: Exodos: Clytemnestra reveals corpses and justifies her action; Aegisthus enters and argues with chorus; Clytemnestra ends argument II.Libation Bearers 1-20: Prologue: Orestes enters with Pylades and leaves a lock of hair on Agamemnon's tomb 21-83: Parodos: chorus brings libations, sings of blood guilt 84-584: 1st Episode: 1.84-305: Electra finds lock of hair, then Orestes 2.306-509: Kommos: Orestes, Electra, and chorus sing to Agamemnon's shade 3.510-584: Orestes learns of Clytemnestra's dream and reveals his plan 585-652: 1st Stasimon: chorus cites mythological examples of female crimes 653-718: 2nd Episode: Clytemnestra lets Orestes and Pylades into house 719-729: 2nd Stasimon: chorus prays for success for Orestes
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730-782: 3rd Episode: Cilissa mourns Orestes and carries news (altered at request of chorus) to Aegisthus 783-837: 3rd Stasimon: chorus prays for success and encourages Orestes 838-854: 4th Episode: Aegisthus enters palace 855-869: 4th Stasimon: chorus prays for success 870-930: 5th Episode: Clytemnestra learns of Aegisthus' death and is dragged into palace 931-972: 5th Stasimon: chorus rejoices 973-end: Exodos: Orestes enters with corpses and robe, justifies himself, and is driven off by Furies III.Furies ( Because of the unique role of the chorus in this play, the traditional division into episodes and stasima will not be useful here.) 1-139: Prologue: 1.1-33: Pythia describes herself 2.34-63: Pythia leaves, shocked by Furies 3.64-93: Apollo sends Orestes and Hermes to Athens 4.94-139: Shade of Clytemnestra goads on Furies 140-178: Parodos: chorus expresses anger at Apollo 179-234: Apollo and chorus argue CHANGE OF SCENE TO ATHENS 235-298: chorus finds Orestes at statue of Athena; he justifies himself 299-396: "Binding Song": chorus dances around Orestes 397-489: Furies and Orestes present cases to Athena, who proposes a trial 490-565: chorus sings of value of fear 566-777: Trial: at his acquittal, Orestes exits with Apollo 778-end: Athena offers Furies a place in Athens; play ends in a grand procession
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