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Setting crucial element revised - Matthew Lopez 3/13/08...

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Matthew Lopez 3/13/08 Professor Huff ENGL 200 Setting as a Crucial Element: The Negro Speaks of Rivers and The House of Seven Gables In both Langston Hughes’, “The Negro speaks of Rivers” and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s, The House of seven Gables the settings have unique characteristics which elevate their importance. Setting is a very important and influential aspect to many forms of literature. Often it is responsible for establishing mood. Both authors personify certain aspects of their settings, bringing the literature to life. The texts use similar techniques to establish their settings, but the achieved major themes of the two pieces are much different. The Negro Speaks of Rivers is a poem which speaks of the long history of African Americans. Hughes addressed this poem to W.E.B. Du Bois, a founder of the NAACP during a time of struggle for civil liberties. Though the poem is written in the first person it is speaking on behalf of the African American culture. The idea of rivers is essential to the poem. Rivers can be symbolic of many things such as creation, life and progress. Hughes was aware of this when he entitled his poem. Using personification Hughes gives the environment a pulse. He describes the world with qualities normally restrained to humans. The poem takes place throughout many periods of time. Hughes uses a historical river to express each time period. The poem begins at the dawn of life on Earth, before “the flow of human blood in human veins” (Hughes 502; 3). Hughes is suggesting how his people have descended from the miniscule creatures which
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Setting crucial element revised - Matthew Lopez 3/13/08...

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