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Unformatted text preview: on. If the system is partitioned into two parts of 3 nodes each, can we read and write in any of these partitions? Explain your answer. Solutions: The read threshold must be >= 6 – write‐threshold + 1; read‐threshold >=3. With a read threshold of 3, reads can be done in either of the partitions. Write threshold of 4 cannot be met in any partition, so no writes are performed. Problem 4 (15 Points): Consider the following three transactions: T: getbalance (A) Getbalance (C) Deposit(B, v2) U: getbalance(B) deposit(A, v1) deposit(C, v3) W: getbalance(B) getbalance (A) Object A is replicated at servers X, Y and Z. Object B is available at M, N and P. Object C...
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