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Unformatted text preview: oup. Then, it learns that Q and R and W have joined the group. Then it learns that X joins the group. A while later it learns that R leaves and then learns that X crashes. Show different views of the process P from the initial to the final stages of the above scenario. Solutions: P0 = {P} P1 = {P, Q, R, W} P2 = {P, Q, R, W, X} P3 = {P, Q, W, X} P4 = {P, Q, W} (b) Given 9 replicas, if updates are reflected on 5 replicas and include timestamps, what is the minimum number of replicas we must read to ensure that we have at least one up‐ to‐date data. Solutions: To ensure W + R > N, R > 9 ‐5, R>= 5 (c) Suppose we have 6 replicas with write-all, read-all policy in which view-based quorum is used with a write threshold of 4, in case of partiti...
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