Solutions p0 i initial j initial k initial p1 i 55 p2

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Unformatted text preview: read ‘i’ until V commits and releases the write lock on ‘i' . (iv) Do transactions T and V eventually commit? If the answer is yes, in what order does it happen? No, T and V are deadlocked. T is waiting on ‘i’ while holding ‘k’ and V is holding ‘i' while waiting on k. (b) ‐ Describe the information written to the recovery file on behalf of these transactions if strict 2‐phase locking is used. Solutions: p0 i initial j initial k initial p1 i 55 p2 j 66 <i, p1 > <j, p2> p0 p3 U prepped P4 U commit p3 Problem 3 (20 Points): Replication (a) A number of processes are collaborating in a group communication. Initially, P joins the group and knows nothing about other members in the gr...
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