E b blocks until a releases the write lock iii process

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Unformatted text preview: ires to read entries in week-10; B is blocked (waits) because the Read-Lock it needs is in conflict with the Write on Week 10; (i.e., B blocks until A releases the Write Lock) (iii) – Process A finishes and commits. Process A releases its Write-Lock on 11:00 am slot of Monday of Week-10; write locks on Monday of Week-10 and Week-10 are also released as there are no other locks on components of Monday of week 10 and week-10 itself. Process B acquires - Read lock on Week 10 - Read lock for every day and hour slot of every day of week 10 (iv) Process C wants to block off Monday of week-10 for a conference. Process C waits since the Write Lock it needs for Monday of Week-10 is blocked by the Read Lock on Week 10. Problem 2 (25 Points): A server manages the objects a1; a2; : : : ; an....
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