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Matthew Lopez 3/11/08 House of Seven Gables Hawthorne hinted throughout “The House of Seven Gables” that Judge Pyncheon may have a hand in Clifford’s incarceration for murder. This led me to believe that Clifford would take his revenge on the Judge once he recovered mentally. The novels’ ending was much more complex though it had similarities. In chapter 15, the Judge comes to visit Clifford. Hephzibah goes to get him but cannot seem to find him. When she returns to the Judge she sees Clifford in a new light. He is speaking to the judge and is laughing. He tells Hephzibah to gather up some belongings and to follow him. Together they leave the Judge behind in the house and hop on a train. Clifford seems
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Unformatted text preview: much more alive and strikes up conversation with fellow passengers aboard the train. Meanwhile back in the House the Judge sits still, pale and lifeless. Eventually Clifford loses his steak of excitement and the two return to the house. There they find the dead Judge as well as Holgrave and Pheobe. Holgrave and Pheobe have just expressed their love toward each other. It is determined that the family Pyncheon is haunted by a weak heart which explains the three previously told family deaths. Holgrave explains how he believes the Judge framed Clifford. Hephzibah and Clifford inherit the Judges Countryside house and the four of them go there to begin a new life....
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