the road not taken - upon the one that he refers to as...

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Matthew Lopez 3/6/08 The Road Not Taken Analysis “The Road Not Taken” is a well crafted poem written by Robert Frost. On the surface the poem may seem to tell the story of a lost traveler who dearly needs directions, but I assure there is more to it. In four stanzas the poem confronts the everyday tedious showdown of decision and the consequences which inevitably result. Using imagery, Frost creates the scene of a man traveling through a “yellow wood” (Frost 469; 1). Amidst the expedition the traveler comes to a fork in the road as well as a decision. There he ponders as to which path be better suited to for him. Unaware as to the destination of either path the traveler “[looks] down one as far as [he can]\ To where [the path] is bent in the undergrowth” (6-7). By now Frost has set up the theme of the poem. The path is symbolic of life and the fork in the road represents choice. The traveler’s choice is an important one because he takes time to make his decision. After studying each path the traveler finds both paths “fair” (6). He decides
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Unformatted text preview: upon the one that he refers to as “grassy and [wanting] wear” (470; 10). Frost is referring to a path less taken. As he continues the traveler finds that he was deceived by his original perception and learns that both paths had been “worn” (10) equally. Once the traveler has made some progress down the path he questions “if [he] should ever come back” (15). The fourth and final stanza takes place many years after the traveler’s adventure. He is now reminiscing on the affair and claims with a “sigh” (16) that “[he] took the [path] less traveled by\ And that has made all the difference. (19-20)” The Road Not Taken is a poem about life and choices. Somewhere in a persons life their going to be confronted with a decision and that decision may affect the rest of their life. The choice is definitive and requires a decision. No matter which path the person decides to follow their always going to be asking themselves “what if I took the other path?”...
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the road not taken - upon the one that he refers to as...

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