In order to put theories into practice we will place

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Unformatted text preview: order to put theories into practice, we will place the texts in a historical background synchronically with their contemporary works and diachronically with the development of certain writings or genres. Through these methodologies, we can uncover the complexity of the ways in which later readers inherit, edit, alter, or manipulate earlier sources. Furthermore, these approaches can shed light on the changes in intellectual horizons and literary styles. This course will be in English; Chinese language background is not required. background Method of Evaluation: Method Four Pop-quizzes 20% First in-class test 25% Oct. 11, 10:10-11:20 am Essay (7 pages) 30% due on Nov. 15 Second in-class test 25% Nov.29, 10:10Second 12:00 pm Pop-quizzes Pop-quizzes Pop-quizzes: They could be given at any Pop-quizzes: moment during the lecture, and each quiz only covers the previous lecture. The quizzes are worth 5% and take 15 minutes to complete. The possible format includes multiple choice, true or false, or short answers. When...
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