When taking the quizzes please write down your first

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Unformatted text preview: taking the quizzes, please write down your first name, last name and student ID number as they appear in ROSI. ROSI. In-class tests In-class In-class tests: The format of the tests will be explained a week before, and the content will cover lectures and compulsory readings. The first in-class test covers the content from the beginning to Oct.4; the second test is cumulative, and covers everything throughout the whole course, but focuses on the materials after the first test. test. Essay Essay Essay: The essay will be due on Nov.15, in class. The full mark for the essay is 30. The topics will be provided on Oct. 25, and papers will be returned on Nov.29 after the second in-class test. The paper will be 7 pages long (under 1800 words), and the length of the bibliography is not counted. Your essays should be double-spaced, 12 pt font with 1 inch margins, and the pages numbered. Late essays are subject to a penalty of 3% each day overdue. Please try to finish the essay a day or two before the deadline, and give yourself time for potential delays, such as family emergencies and computer problems. emergenc...
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