With no dragons available chinese pharmacies marketed

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Unformatted text preview: ith no dragons available, Chinese pharmacies marketed the scapulas of cattle and the undersides of turtle shells as dragon bones, and they did a brisk business selling them to ailing customers. selling functions functions The oracle bones can be classed as The religious documents because they recorded communications with ancestral spirits and nature gods. spirits Crack-making on xinyou (day 58):” This season, the king should follow Wang Cheng to attack the Xia Wei, for if he does, we will receive assistance in this case.” case.” “Praying to lead away this sick tooth (?), the Praying ding sacrifice will be favorable.” ding The oracle bones constituted political documents because they recorded matters of state in a theocracy with the Shang king at its apex. Shang One side of a plastron, or turtle shell bottom, reads: reads: [Preface] cracking on jiashen (day twenty-one), [Preface] Que divined: Que [Charge] “Lady Hao’s childbearing will be good.” [Prognostication] The king read the cracks and [Prognostication] said:” If it be on a ding day that she give birth, it will be good. If it be on a geng day that she give birth, there will be prolonged luck.” birth, [verification] after thirty-one days, on jiayin (day [verification] fifty-one), she gave birth. It was not good. It was a girl. (documentary) girl. Acknowledgement Acknowledgement I am grateful to Professor Graham Sanders am and Dr. David Cai. and The Open Empire, the first chapter...
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