Yuefu musical bureaus poems musical 6gushi nineteen

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Unformatted text preview: fu (Musical Bureau’s Poems) (Musical 6.Gushi (Nineteen Old Poems), Three kingdoms and Western Jin Literature kingdoms 7.Eastern Jin and Tao Yuanming 8.Northern and Southern Dynasties: Wen 8.Northern xuan (Selections of Refined Literature) xuan and Poems on History in this anthology and 9. Sui, Early and High Tang Literature 9. Sui, 10. Essay due. Middle and Late Tang 10. Literature Literature 11. Cii lyrics in the Late Tang and Five 11. C Dynasties Dynasties 12. Second Test, 10:10 am -12 pm (noon) 12. Second China? China? Loess Three Sovereigns Fu Xi, Shen Nong,Huang Di Origins of Writing: pattern Cang Jie 倉倉 倉倉 Writing-Oracle bone inscription Writing- Bronze vessel inscription Bronze Clerical Script (lishu) Regular Script (kaishu) Walking Script (xingshu) Running Script (caoshu) Oracle bones Oracle The most widely accepted version begins with a malaria epidemic that struck in Beijing in 1899. Beijing Grind dragon bones into a powder and then to drink a soup made from them. W...
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