Lecture 6 Gushi (Nineteen Old Poems)

It is human nature to want to stay with ones beloved

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Unformatted text preview: not pluck it in its prime, Now it will wither with autumn plants. it If you truly hold on to noble principles, If what, after all, could this humble concubine do? what, Why are the Old Poems popular? Why The seventeenth-century critic Chen The Zuoming 東東東 gives an admiringly cogent elucidation of the significance of “Nineteen Old Poems,” which straddles the boundary between poetics and hermeneutics: between The reason why the Nineteen Poems are the ultimate writings of all times is because they ultimate manage to articulate the feelings shared by all manage people. It is human nature to want to succeed people. iin the world, and yet, how many people could n achieve success? [. . .] Success cannot achieve be ach...
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