Lecture 6 Gushi (Nineteen Old Poems)

The anonymous poetry of this period is marked by

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Unformatted text preview: natural disasters, rebellions and an increasingly dysfunctional court. The anonymous poetry of this period is marked by recurring themes of the loneliness of traveling, waiting at home for loved ones, or seizing transient happiness through wine and song at banquet settings. 2. Origin 2. the origin of “Nineteen Old Poems” itself is a the murky one. All we know for certain about these poems is that they were singled out from a larger corpus of anonymous poems in five-syllable lines circulating in the early sixth century, and included in the influential Wen xuan compiled by Crown Prince Xiao Tong under the collective title “Nineteen Old Poems.” “Nineteen 3. Authorship 3. There are debates about the dating of There individual poems, but they are usually dated to the Eastern Han (although this does not mean the poems were actually written down as fixed texts in the...
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