Lecture 6 Gushi (Nineteen Old Poems)

Forming to form a marriage alliance with you to the

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Unformatted text preview: fe full of particularities and specifics: it thus becomes every man and woman’s story. We are becomes denied narrative opulence because this is the only denied way we can fully participate in this poetry. way Example: Poem VIII 8 Example: 東東東東東 Swaying is the bamboo growing in solitude, 東東東東東 Swaying 東東東東東 forming its roots at the bend of a great mountain. 東東東東東 forming 東東東東東 To form a marriage alliance with you: 東東東東東 To 東東東東東 the dodder plant attaches itself to the creeping vine. 東東東東東 the 東東東東東 There is a time for the dodder plant to grow, 東東東...
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