Lecture 6 Gushi (Nineteen Old Poems)

Not 4 features 4 a fluid corpus of classical shi

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Unformatted text preview: Eastern Han); and it is most likely that they were not composed by a single author. not 4. Features 4. A fluid corpus of classical shi poems about these fluid shi themes was produced and circulated based on a regular five-syllable line, which could be sung to music but were not associated with particular melody titles as was the case with yuefu. These yuefu These poems, which later came to be known as “old poems” (gushi), are not really folk songs as they poems” ), likely circulated among a semi-educated gentry class and use a more polished literary style, which speaks of individual concerns rather than adopting a dramatic voice. Example: Poem VI 6 Example: 東東東東...
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