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Lecture 6 Gushi (Nineteen Old Poems)

Plants to whom do i want to give the flowers to the

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Unformatted text preview: 東 I cross the River to pluck lotus flowers, 東東東東東 cross 東東東東東 in the orchid marsh there are many fragrant 東東東東東 plants. plants. 東東東東東 To whom do I want to give the flowers? 東東東東東 To 東東東東東 The one I long for is on a distant path. 東東東東東 The 東東東東東 Turning around and gazing at former home: 東東東東東 Turning 東東東東東 the long road is vast and endless. 東東東東東 the 東東東東東 We are of the same heart, but live apart – 東東東東東 We 東東東東東 filled with sorrows, we thus end our days 東東東東東 Speaker: man or woman Speaker: Classical Chinese poetry rarely uses Classical pronouns, and there is no distinction between plural and singular forms. between Is the speaker a woman, or a man? While Is the act of “plucking lotus flowers” is oft...
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