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Unformatted text preview: Mus 111 Note <<Final Exam>> [4-23-07] Southeast Asia- A land of bronze and bamboo- Islam Javanese Gamelan Indonesia- Over 140 other groups speaking different languages- Year is dominated by Monsoons- Music is supported by royal courts or Hindu temples- Instruments ensembles more important than soloists- Most popular Muslim nation in the world- 4 th most popular nation in the world Java & Bali Java – East vs. West- Predominantly Muslim but also Hindu and Buddhism and Local religions- Traditional music is still performed and taught- Early 16 th century the arrival of Dutch- Dutch implemented forced labor- Sukarno collaborated with Japanese declare independence from Dutch (August 1945)- Suharto Army general Overthrowing government (1967) Ruled until 1998 Java- Capital: Jakarta Gamelan- refers to orchestra tunes percussion- each orchestra (Gamelan) has unique tuning- name, each instrument has its own role- centerpiece is the large gong- 2 tuning system (7 note scale & 5 note scale)- Inherited from India & concept similar to “rag”- Soft play (inside) vs. Loud play (outside) ensembles- Idiophones: “self sounding” [Instrument] no membrane, no string, has its own sound Metallophones- usually play the melody part- like a “xylophone” with metal bars- the Metallophone family is basically divided into two groups Gender Saron Gender Family- consist of ridged metal bars suspended over tuned tubes, which act as resonators- each instrument may have variants that represent the scale in the bass, tenor, and alto range...
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course MUS 111 taught by Professor Blah during the Spring '08 term at Binghamton.

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Mus_111_Final_Exam_Note[1] - Mus 111 Note<<Final...

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