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Lab # 22: Supersaturated Solutions Purpose: To make a supersaturated solution and observe its properties. Safety: 1. Wear your goggles and apron. 2. Follow all directions carefully. 3. No horseplay in the lab area. 4. Observe all glass safety rules. Summary: In this experiment we created a supersaturated solution. We did this by first, filling a test tube with water and sodium thiosulfate and allowing the sodium thiosulfate to dissolve in the water. The test tube became colder because the thiosulfate was absorbing the heat and an endothermic reaction was taking place. We then heated up the test tube until the sodium thiosulfate dissolves completely in the water. We then cooled
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Unformatted text preview: the tube in an ice bath and added one crystal of sodium thiosulfate. After adding a crystal the solution began to get warmer which meant energy was being released. This solution was supersaturated because it produced a large amount of crystalline solid when a small additional amount of solute was added. From this lab I learnt the difference between saturated, supersaturated, and unsaturated solutions by observing a supersaturated solution. We also learned that to create a supersaturated solution you must create the proper conditions, which means to heat it up. In this lab I did not experience any errors....
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