Even some of the more vocal critics of the united

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Unformatted text preview: its ancestors are gods has triumphed. I felt something more than mere wonder.” Choosing the classical waka form of verse, a poet proclaimed that “The time has come, To slaughter America and England.” And another poet grandly pronounced: Remember December eighth! On this day the history of the world was changed. The Anglo-Saxon powers On this day were repulsed on Asian land and sea. It was their Japan which repulsed them, A tiny country in the Eastern Sea, Nippon, the Land of the Gods Ruled over by a living god.42 The Fruits of Modernity 303 Although the Japanese government was pleased to report Japan’s startlingly successful early victories, it concealed the defeats once they started coming. The government, for example, proclaimed a Japanese victory at Midway even though it was not only a defeat but, indeed, one of the most decisive setbacks in the history of naval warfare. With the media under its strict control, the government thus kept the Japanese public largely in the dark about the true course of the war after Midway. But when the systematic bombing of Japan began in late 1944, the truth gradually became clear to everyone. A member of the air defense headquarters in Tokyo during that terrible time said this about the bombing: It was the raids on the medium and smaller cities which had the worst effects and really brought home to the people the experience of bombing and a demoralization of faith in the outcome of the war. . . . It was bad enough in so large a city as Tokyo, but much worse in the smaller cities, where most of the city would be wiped out. Through May and June [1945] the spirit of the people was crushed. [When the B-29s dropped warning pamphlets,] the morale of the people sank terrifically, reaching a low point in July, at which time there was no longer hope of victory or draw but merely the desire for ending the war.43 11 Culture in the Present Age After more than three and a half years of fighting, unconscionably prolonged in the last stages by the fanatical unwillingness of its rulers to recognize that...
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