There is within mikage however a powerful survivalist

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Unformatted text preview: ” Gen, setting out for school, is stopped by a lady who asks him where a certain class is to be held. As he starts to answer, Gen notices a single B-29 in the sky and wonders why the sirens have not sounded. Within seconds the bomb plummets and “like a wind from hell, the atomic cloud roared up six miles into the sky over Hiroshima . . . and in the city, time stopped.” Gen, dazed, pulls himself out of the rubble. The body of the lady is nearby, her face melted almost beyond recognition. As Gen runs through the flattened city calling for his father, mother (who is pregnant), sister, and brother, the people he sees “look like monsters.” At last he finds what used to be his house. His mother kneels beside it, but his father, sister, and brother are trapped beneath the collapsed roof. Gen and his mother try desperately to pry the roof up with pieces of timber, but before they can succeed the house is engulfed by a fire sweeping through the city. The mother screams that she wants to die with her husband and other children, but Gen drags her away and “as they escape the flames, Gen’s mother goes into labor, and with no one to help them, they bring a new life into the dying city.” In the last frames the mother, holding the baby aloft, implores her, “When you grow up you must never let this happen again!” For a country that has one of the lowest rates of violence and crime in the world, Japan produces many comics that depict acts of extreme violence, including scenes of almost unmatchable blood and gore. Frederik Schodt describes one comic, for example, that depicts suffering peasants in the medieval age and that features “heads rolling, eyes gouged out, and showers of blood (created by soaking a brush in ink and then blowing on it).”63 And for a country that is puritanical in regard to sex and pornography, Japan tolerates a remarkable amount of sex of all kinds in its comics. Artists are not allowed to draw explicit sexual acts but, limited only by their...
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