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Drugs in Parks Memo - To: Speaker Joe Hackney CC: Josh...

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To: Speaker Joe Hackney CC: Josh DeBottis From: 1732 Re: House Bill 1749 is a boon for perceived safety and homeowners Date: 10/18/07 Word Count: 697 Assuming that calculated minimum correction and judicial-related costs are not underestimated, House Bill 1749 should be ratified because it will facilitate a heightened perception of safety in residential neighborhoods that will benefit both property owners and local governments. Other than the obvious costs of prosecuting harsher sentences and imprisoning offenders for longer terms, the bill would prevent inmates from earning outside income. In terms of benefits, the bill will lower medical costs for all drug-related treatment by limiting drug accessibility, but it would also drive up property values and corresponding property tax revenues for houses near parks because citizens would feel safer. A more cost-effective alternative could be to install security guards at all parks. Harsher Penalties for Dealers Will Tax Justice System, Shrink Workforce Under the bill, the upgrade to Class E drug offenses necessitates an increase in prison beds because offenders will serve lengthier terms. Judicial costs will rise because judges and prosecutors will be paid for more trials, caused by a trend of fewer guilty pleas to more serious charges. These costs have been estimated at a minimum of $2,992,349,
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Drugs in Parks Memo - To: Speaker Joe Hackney CC: Josh...

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