toughguisestudyws10 - Sexualized Violence(31:00 – 32:00...

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Tough Guise S. Gallardo Study Guide WS10 TO MAKE-UP THIS FILM: If you missed the video, you must make it up by watching it at the IRC. Go to DMH 112 on the first floor and ask for XS2090 or XD0210. They will either give you the video, or they will have it broadcast from Media Services--either way, you watch it there. They are usually open Mon - Thur 7am-9:45pm, and Fridays til 4:45pm, but during spring break, it's 7am - 4:45pm every day. You must complete this study guide/worksheet for the video. We will be discussing this after break. .... Note: The video is long, and broken into these parts: You can fast forward through the parts that are x’ed out below: PART ONE Intro (10:00) Hidden: A Gender (10:00 – 16:00) Upping the Ante (16:00 – 20:00) Backlash Tough Guise PART II: VIOLENT MASCULINITY The School Shootings (20:00 – 25:00) Constructing Violent Masculinity (25:00 – 31:00)
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Unformatted text preview: Sexualized Violence (31:00 – 32:00) Invulnerability (32:00 – 38:00) Vulnerability (38:00 – 45:00) Conclusion: Better Men (45:00 - 54:00 ) 1. What is the “tough guise,” according to Jackson Katz? 2. Explain this statement: “Male violence is portrayed not so much a deviation as it is an accepted part of masculinity” 3. What does it mean to “degender the discussion of violence” and “make masculinity visible”? 4. What does Katz observe about changes in the media representation of men’s bodies, and women’s bodies, since the 60s? 5. What is the “normalization of sexual violence” ? 6. How does Katz analyze the basic horror film? 7. What are the consequences (costs, results) of insisting that men be “emotionally strong” and “invulnerable,” according to Katz? 8. How does Katz envision change?...
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toughguisestudyws10 - Sexualized Violence(31:00 – 32:00...

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